Walmart Paystubs

Walmart Paystubs.

Learn how to check your paystubs/payslips on the website.

Accessing your Walmart Paystubs online.

Accessing your paystubs as an Walmart Associate is easy, as youhave  several options: via text
message, email, in store, online or by phone.


On or Walmart Wire:

  1. Visit the website and log in to your account or log in through the WM1 App.
  2. Find the ‘View Paystub’ button and click on it. The navigation route is: Money>Paystub>View Paystub.

Alternatively, got to the website address and click the “Log In to Paystub Portal” button.

Then, register an account and login to the Money Network Paystub Portal to view and print out current and previous paystubs.

Paystubs by Text Message:

This is how you enroll in the text message or email paystub/payslip service.

Visit and click on “Log In to Paystub Portal”.

Once logged in, choose: “Email and Text Messages”

Choose between:

Send me an email.


Send me a text.

It does not cost anything to receive texts or emails through the paystub system.


Call Walmart for Paystub information.

You can also call 1-800-903-4698 and opt for the automated paystub phone system.

This service is free of charge. The PIN to use is the same PIN as for the Paystub Portal on Money Network.


Accessing Walmart Paystob information in-store.

You can either access your pay information throught the Walmart Wire platform in-store, or locate the printer in the employee room/training room. On this in-store FD300 printer, you will be able to access and print your paystubs.


Paystub information:

Walmart Payslips include the following information.

  • Pay period end date
  • Net pay
  • Available vacation and personal hours
  • Worked hours