Money Network Walmart Paystub Portal

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Money Network Walmart Paystub Portal.

Check your Walmart paystubs online, by accessing the Money Network Walmart Pay Stub Portal.

Login and check your Walmart paystubs/paychecks online, from your mobile phone or from your home computer.

Note: To access the Money Network Walmart Prepaid Card, go to

Walmart Paystub Portal Login.

You can easily view your Walmart paystubs even when Walmartone is down or you have ne terminated as a Walmart Associate.

You can also choose have your paystub emailed or texted to you automatically as soon as it is available.

Walmart has developed an easy to use Paystub Portal to allows both current and former employees to access their paystub/payroll information,

To find it, navigate directly to the Walmart Paystub Login page at

Note: The Walmart Money Network website could usually be found at, but this page has been terminated, and you will now need to go to or instead.

Terminated Walmart Associates Paystub Instructions.



  • Login to Paystub Portal

  • Register Now

Or, go directly

Then, once on the login page, enter your information:

  • Birth Date (MMDDYY)

  • Your WIN Number (If you don’t know your WIN, select “Don’t know WIN?” at the bottom of the page and enter the Hire Date instead of the WIN).

  • 4 digit department number

  • Click on Submit

  • Enter your Postal Code (ZIP code of home address while you were employed by Walmart.)

  • Click on Submit

  • Create a 4-digit PIN number. This PIN number must be numerical – no special characters are allowed.

  • Confirm PIN

  • Click on Submit

  • Choose Sign-In Now and re-enter the log-in information in order to check your previous paystubs.

money network walmart paystub portal
Enter your Birthdate, WIN (9 digit Walmart ID#), Facility Number and PIN, to log in to the Paystub Portal.

The Walmart Paystub Portal shows both the upcoming check (if you are a current employee) and previous checks, just later than the paystubs that you can access via The Paystub Portal updates on the Monday before your paycheck.

 Current employees can also view their paystubs on the WalmartOne platform and with the WM1 app.

Walmart Paystub Portal Registration.

You will need to register an account first to use the Walmart Paystub Portal.

To register, you will have to provide the following information:

  • Birthdate (MMDDYY)
  • WIN (9 digit Walmart ID#)
  • Facility Number

If you have problems, then please state your issue below.


5 thoughts on “Money Network Walmart Paystub Portal

  1. The website is not allowing me to register and keeps saying my info is invalid, headquarters does not give the option to speak to someone, Brenda from the Pomona Walmart store was extremely rude when I informed her that the website wouldn’t let me register, tried contacting the website and again no option to speak with anyone. I need every single paycheck stub ever from Walmart and need it by tonight 05/14/2019

  2. I am trying to get a copy of my last pay stub how do I do that I don’t have a pay card mine is direct deposit

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