About Us

Last Updated on July 22, 2024 by David Schmidt

About Us.

Please be aware, that this website is NOT an official website owned or controlled by Walmart Corp.

Any trademarks, logos and images used belong to the trademark and image owners, solely.

This website is intended as a help guide for Walmart employees and associates, and does NOT claim to be an official guide to any Walmart owned platforms or websites.

In realization of the need of around 2 million Walmart employees to have an online help guide available, this website was started to provide answers to the many questions that new, older and former Walmart employees often have about the ever-changing online portals and system that the Walmart company make available for their associates.

The official Walmart Employee website provide very little guidance for new employees, and for employees that are not internet-savvy. This website seeks to alleviate this gap.

The official WalmartOne Associate website can be found here.