Walmart Employee Discount

Walmart’s Employee Discount.

How Much Is the Walmart Employee Discount and How does it Work?

If you are thinking of starting a career in a retail company like Walmart, a question you might have is: How much is the Walmart employee discount and how does it actually work? See the answrs here.

How does the Walmart Employee Discount work?

After 90 days of working continuously with Walmart, you will receive your Walmart Associate Discount Card in the mail.

With this card, you get 10% discount on general merchandise and fresh produce that are regularly priced.  This feature is valid at all Walmart stores in the United States.  If you choose to shop online at, you also get a 10% discount, but only on marked merchandise.

Walmart also offers an exclusive 25% discount to employees who work through Thanksgiving and Black Friday for purchases made between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Who Can Use Your Walmart Associate Discount Card?

A Walmart Associate Discount Card is issued to you and your spouse.  Your dependent can borrow your discount card for their purchases. An eligible dependent is an unmarried child up to 22 years old but is a full-time college student.

You and your spouse’s discounts cards are valid for the duration of your employment with Walmart.  If you earn a tenure of more than 20 years, you get a lifetime discount card.

The Walmart Associate Discount Card will be sent to you in your mail. It looks like this. You will need to enter your Associate ID Number (usually your SSN) as well as your Walmart Associate Card Number (printed on the front of the card), when loggin in and shopping on

Items and Services Not Covered by the Discount Card.

At the store, the 10% discount applies to all general merchandise except those that are identified to be on sale, on clearance or have marked-down prices. Some high-ticket merchandise like gadgets might not be available for the 10% discount benefit.

Only fresh produce is included in the employee discount program.  Most grocery items are not covered. Other specific purchases that are not covered by the Walmart Associate Discount Card are eye exams in vision centers and fuel.

Online, at, the 10% discount can NOT be used on clearance items, marketplace items, on-line gift cards, digital downloads, and shipping charges.

How to Enjoy the Perks of the Walmart Associate Discount Card.

The 10% discount may not seem much, but if you apply it to your daily needs, the discount can go a long way to cover even little luxuries like cosmetics or ingredients for a special dinner.  Use the card for personal purchases only.

Make sure that you only let your eligible dependents use your Walmart Associate Discount Card apart from yourself.  Notify Walmart immediately in case of lost or stolen cards, as well as canceling cards of ex-spouses.

Walmart claims to be the largest retailer in the world with more than 2 million associates in its employ.  If you  commit to work for the company, the major employee benefit is the opportunity to build your career within the retail industry.

The Walmart Associate Discount Card is only a part of its bigger financial benefits package. Totaled up, the discounted purchases and benefits can go a long way into helping make lives better for long-term Walmart employee.

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cathy beckman
cathy beckman

please help me get my long term employee discount card for use on Walmart .com I have the card my number is 6006438130452801 it needs to be registered I am retired from there since august 2017.


i like this page

Tan Sangani
Tan Sangani

I lost my discount cards, please contact me on 0750800xxxx. I want replacement discount card-two as early as possible please. Please help me